Zero Pain History 

My First Encounter with Arthritic Pain


How a person deals with pain is quite personal. I can vividly recall, several years ago, awakening one morning with severe pain in the fingers of both of my hands. I looked at my watch, quickly showered, dressed and headed for my regular golf game with my friends, praying that the pain would go away before I arrived at the golf club. Well, the pain did not go away. When I attempted to grasp my golf club, the pain in my joints of my fingers was so severe that I had to leave my golfing pals and cancel my plans for the day.


In the weeks that followed, I purchased a dozen (OTC) over-the-counter pain remedies. Not one relieved my pain, but ALL made me smell like a “walking hospital”. In desperation I visited my herbalist who advised that a large, well-known drug manufacturer had just completed work on a formula for an all herbal roll-on pain reliever. A meeting was arranged, and I was given several samples, which I immediately applied to my hands. My pain quickly subsided as I continued to use the sample, several times a day, as directed.


 I am not a pain expert, but I do consider myself an expert on suffering with pain. I firmly believe that there is no reason for anyone to suffer from arthritic pain, when Zero Pain is now available to everyone. And now we’ve introduced Zero Pain Homeopathic Cream with seven homeopathic ingredients. My Zero Pain products are going to allow you or someone you care about, the opportunity to experience relief of pain and increase their “Quality of Life”.

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